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Manifestation, not even going to lie but two months ago I never even know what the actually heck this word was or if it even existed, now I swear I hear it once a day. Basically it’s just setting goals for yourself to help you succeed. Honestly I think this is such a good idea, especially for someone like me, who’s brain is always so messy and full of ideas and thoughts. Whenever there’s too many things going on at once or I want to do something or almost anything, It really just stresses out me and I just end up wanting to quit and give up. Making lists and being organized and putting my mind to certain things really does makes me feel a lot better. Another part of this, which has really been affecting me lately is just surrounding myself with people the love me for me, that really encourage me and just overall make me a better person. Sometimes people like that are hard to find and sometimes their the ones in the background, you find them almost too late and realize you’ve needed them in your life years ago ( MAJOR MOOD THIS YEAR BAHA). I’ve decided that im gonna start manifesting – if that’s how you even put it-  I’m going to start following these rules that i put below,  one of my favorite youtuber made this list, she didn’t invent this whole manifesting thing but she wrote ideas on how to achieve it, then wrote them in her own words.  I really live how she  worded and described everything.

  1. Set your intention
    1. Use “I will” (NOT I want to”)
    2. Use positive language- what you do intend (vs. what you don’tlike about your life)
  2. Believe and trust that your intention will happen
    1. Share your intention (it will make you more accountable)
    2. Believe your intention is a reality that will come true
  3. Make decisions that will lead to your goal
    1. Constantly remind yourself of your intentions
    2. Take risks (you won’t get anywhere you haven’t been without putting yourself in new situations)
    3. Become open and willing with new experiences
    4. Monitor the life of your manifestation
  4. Recognize successful manifestations
    1. What have you already subconsciously manifested into your life?
    2. Learn from your successes- what path did your manifested ideas take to become reality? What were the easy parts of manifesting and what was harder? Is this a short term or long term success? Is this a material or spiritual gain or both?
  5. Practice gratitude.
    1. Amazing things do not come out of greed or jealousy. They come from a place of gratitude, acceptance, and love.
    2. Thank the universe, yourself, and the process for delivering this intention.
    3. Embrace the success and push it forward- what else can you bring into your life now?

Link to her website –

PSA – omg hi! this is my first blog post ever, i hope you liked it!!!!!







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